Brand Launch Love: VAHA Cape

Summer essentials abound this week.

I am sharing the local love today with an incredible newly launched brand, VAHA Cape.  

This product was launched out of a need but, wow are they cool.  We all need one or two for a summer fun staple.


Virginia Christianson of VAHA

Charlotte, North Carolina 


What was your training?

I started VAHA with my sister Harriet. I am the VA and she is the HA. My career after college was spent working for a French luxury linen company, where I developed my love for textiles. My sister has always been focused on art with stops in Paris and NYC working at Sotheby’s.

What inspires you and your design?

VAHA was inspired first out of need. We wanted a coverup that was easy to throw on, yet still had some style. High quality linen was something we wanted because of the lightweight; linen offers a wicking property that no other natural fabric offers. The cape is flowing and breezy with out being restrictive and therefore not too hot to wear.

What is your favorite piece?

Depends on the day! Orange is generally my go to, but we just introduced an all white cape that I love. It has taupe contrast stitching with the most beautiful brown leather feather and taupe tassel. We added a small little orange tassel (there’s my orange!) to give it some depth. It is just so fresh, yet still fun.


How has your area influenced your work?

I think being from the South always inspires a little fun. The colors we use are playful, but balancing them with the white linen keeps it chic.

What is your favorite restaurant in Charlotte?

Copper – every time we go we try to get something different.


But we probably go most often to Terra. We can walk there from where we live, and the food never disappoints.

What is your favorite cocktail?

A very dirty Gray Goose martini with blue cheese olives.


How do you balance personal life with work?

Not sure I do it very well. Usually combined…my daughter rides horses so I am always taking her out to the barn and combing out tassels or ordering fabric while I wait for her. I do try to respect my suppliers, which turns out to be a good thing for my family, because it forces me to shut down by dinner time.

Dream trip?

Africa has always been on my bucket list. A safari is a trip I want to experience with my kids. I am fascinated by Morocco too, so I would like to see northern and southern Africa I guess. One day!



Dream commission?

I keep hoping Gwyneth Paltrow is going to stumble upon VAHA.


Favorite hostess gift?

Belle Fleur Jasmine Verbena candle is my favorite gift to give. I have never found a better candle. They have introduced a rose scent that is to die for.


Who is your style icon?

I love Gwyneth Paltrow. I find her effortless and clean style so appealing.


Favorite up and coming designer?

I am going with jewelry. DePetra out of Houston is my new obsession. Their jewelry is amazing. They are true artists. They have such a good eye for mixing colors with different textures and stones. Can’t get enough! They just introduced a new ring that I have on my list.


What is your most treasured possession?

This is a tough one. My husband always gives me a piece of art for special occasions. There are so many pieces he has given me that I treasure. My favorite now is a modern series with really bright pinks and oranges he got from Sozo Gallery. Tony Griffin painted two portraits of our kids that I love too.



What are you reading?

I am all about summer trashy beach reads! I just finished Me Before You.


What are you listening to?

I usually have Pandora on with Jay Z radio ;). I may slip in a little John Mayer every once and awhile.


What are your favorite blogs/publications?

Always read Goop.


I am also a bit addicted to House Account.


I think Garden and Gun is such a well photographed and well written magazine, especially for those of us living in the South.


And of course, my sister’s art blog, Harriet Alexander.



Check out these killer capes and order yourself one HERE






I know I NEED one ASAP for my summer pursuits but cannot decide on color.  

Who am I kidding …it should be the long orange one. 

I can totally see them over white jeans and a tank too. 

They are so chic!

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