Call of the Wild with Osborne & Little

You know I am a real nature girl.  I love the wild…especially animal prints.  Osborne & Little has me drooling over their new animal prints in the Keshi Velvet Collection


Pantanal– Ocelot depicted in opulent velvet, named after the South American nature reserve inhabited by ocelot.

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Pardus – A faux leopard on a glamorous velvet, PARDUS is the Latin name for leopard.



oh…and I love this one too…


Tulipan –  composition of boldly coloured flowering tulips and darting butterflies. TULIPAN, the original name for a tulip, derives from the word for turban whose shape the flower resembles

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  • January 29, 2015

    I’m usually not that wild about animal prints, but these were very nicely done. I really like the pattern and the colors are very nice.

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