Some of my favorite internet finds of the week and more… Sparkling Grapefruit Watermelon Sangria seems like pure perfection.  I am obsessed with these amazing headpieces by Magnetic Midnight.  This is my favorite….I think… they are all so cool I cannot stand it. Where would I wear it?  not sure… Flooding in Paris threatens the.. read more →

Some of my best finds and articles of the week… 10 Tiny Tweaks You Can Make NOW To Majorly Improve Your Life Can you say yum? FROZEN STRAWBERRY BASIL MARGARITAS This cute FEED bag provides 185 school meals for children around the world. Jackie Kennedy’s Most Enduring Style Lessons #goals Dying to do this one day…The Viking World.. read more →

I know I shouldn’t be shopping again but, this -30% off discount code FIRSTLOOK came through my inbox and I couldn’t resist popping over to check out the fashions. I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t guess the vendor. They have upped their style game! You can come up with an entire summer wardrobe for a steal!.. read more →

Ever since I returned from Spain in January from the Tile of Spain trip, I have been coveting this cocktail. While I am sure the romance and charm surrounding it had to do with the fresh Valencia oranges and the beautiful Spanish city where it was created, yet I thought it was worth a try on.. read more →