We could always use the latest gadget with seems to be a Samsung Frame TV this year.   I highly recommended The Always Pan or a fun game. Our home is where we spend most of our time so shouldn’t we consider gifts that focus on this too? I am also always a fan of original.. read more →

I always do my personal list last but it is 2020…I always have a ridiculously long list of wants but, this year I got a horse so that really should suffice! The toppers are always an airstream, a ranch in Wyoming, lots of puppies, a horse (check) with all the gear including an orange winged.. read more →

It is a less than 45 days from Christmas.   I am putting together my gift guides to aid in your shopping. This is one of my favorite things to do on the blog and take pride in my gift guides. Everyone loves books and they always fit.   I have gathered the best new.. read more →

My Gift Guides are going live… expect loads of ideas coming at you over the next 10 days. These are the ones that are easy to shop for on your holiday list! They still delight in the opening of the gifts and the surprises galore.   Toys are such fun to give and to get… read more →

There is something wonderfully nostalgic and sweet about Advent Calendars. I have the fondest memories of a lovely little felt one that hung in our den. You moved the little felt ornament each day of the season to the attached tree. It culminated with a shining gold star the last day. It was a simple.. read more →

How it it less than a week until Christmas? I for real gotta get it together. SO MUCH TO DO…SO LITTLE TIME! Here are some recent finds that can be added to more Christmas gift ideas or to splurge on when they hit the after Christmas sales. Be sure to check my other guides as.. read more →

It is time for the happiest of holidays!   I feel like I am coming in hot from India and have missed some of the time to celebrate and relish the decor and lights.  Here are a few favorites from Pinterest I have saved over the years.  I will share my serious tree and my.. read more →