It is that time again for the One Room Challenge!!!  It seems it may be the only way to actually motivate me to do anything in my own house. I did our Home Office and Bo’s Bedroom in past ORC’s.   This One Room Challenge Spring 2015 I am tackling my living room.  It is a.. read more →

Since this One Room Challenge started I have traveled every single week.  I truly put the challenge in challenge this go around. I have been on Blogtour Milan with Modenus to Milan and Venice. We headed to Linville, NC. For Easter, I went to Dallas for the Rewardstyle Conference. I turned around and headed to.. read more →

GAME ON!  IT is WEEK 5 and I am getting in the groove…just a tad late.  See Week 1,   Week 2,  Week 3, and Week 4 to get up to date if you are just joining in… Just in time to leave town again to Charleston for The Southern C Summit. Woot Woot!  So excited to hang out.. read more →

Crapola is the only word that comes to mind. Power to the procrastinators.  My travels are getting the way but, do not despair. I hope to pull out all the stops by the final reveal in 2 eeeeeeek short weeks. Here we are already on week 4 of the One Room Challenge. See Week 1,   Week.. read more →

 Here we are already on week 3 of the One Room Challenge. Yikes! See Week 1 and Week 2 to get up to date if you are just joining in… I have hit a wall.  I am back from Italy and swamped with clients and a busy spring household.  Most of my items have arrived… read more →

Buongiorno from Milan. I am hard at work spotting trends and being inspired in Italy. Work on Bo’s room has been slightly halted by my transcontinental hop.  I intend to go into overdrive next week.   Despite my travels, Bo’s room is coming together slowly but, surely! I have decided to keep his basic color palate the.. read more →

I am SUPER excited and a tad behind already for my second One Room Challenge. This is a semi-annual event where 20 design oriented bloggers transform a room of their own, from start to finish. For the next six Wednesday’s we will be giving you updates on our room progress.   See my first one.. read more →