A wonderful weekend… A client decided on this beauty for her entrance hall.  It is called "Whisper of Okeechobee" by Ruth Ava Lyons.  I am a huge fan of her work . She is a Charlotte artist represented by Hidell Brooks Gallery.  I love her use of color and metallics in the loose  abstract floral.. read more →

Friday Finds…   "Jank Crank" My sister in law bought another Michelle Armas today.  It is going in her new kitchen.  She also bought "Hadrien" recently. The art bug is spreading in this family… I had a client decide on a Lilly Pulitzer room for her daughter.  I am so excited for this. What a.. read more →

 We have had a glorious and relaxing family weekend in Linville.   Waffles has found her spot in the living room. Our cottage pre summer plantings… I cannot wait to get my flowers, window boxes and pots planted in a few weeks. Highlights include.. Long walks off leash with the dogs on the golf course… read more →

01 Apr 2012
April 1, 2012

Weekend Roundup

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I went by Michelle Armas' studio in Decatur as I left Atlanta on Friday.  It was such an exciting experience. The studio was chocked full of finished works and works inprogess.  I wanted to pack up an 18 wheeler full!  I picked up a painting for my sister in law for her living room.  It.. read more →

26 Mar 2012
March 26, 2012

Weekend Update

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We had a great weekend.  It was our first weekend at home in a month.  Baseball and soccer seasons have started that keeps us close to home. Highlights include a few favorites… Saturday am treat after a long power walk…The Flying Biscuit Cafe is great for breakfast.  Their grits are a standout.  Honestly, the best.. read more →