Celerie’s Chevron and Marvelous Merida

Yesterday, I had the distinct pleasure of attending a showing of Merida rugs at Circa.  The CEO, Catherine Connolly  and Nicola Clifford eloquently discussed the mission statement of the company, as well as went through detailed product information showing the new amazing Celerie Kemble product line.

I was humbled and impressed by not only the products but, the standards and sustainability that the company requires of it's suppliers and vendors.  

Read this letter below.  It sure makes me want to purchase from a person who cares about all the hands that touch their product and helps provide those in need with wonderful living conditions.  She stated that one product (that has escaped my mind) provides for 3000 women in one area. Can you get a lower quality product that looks similar for a less expensive price?  Absolutley.  But, knowing you have provided for people along the way in the most genuine way: environmentally, socially and economically is worth the extra cost for me. 

Celerie Kemble, the mega talanted designer of the new collection.



letter from our CEO

Our mission is to make a difference in the way people consume. By combining innovative and beautiful design with sustainable materials and practices, we aim to create home interiors options for today without compromising the future for generations to come.

We believe that sustainability is not about imposing limitations but rather about opening new opportunities for creative companies. We also believe that design should not reinforce disposable consumerism; cheaper, faster and replaceable. For us great design means innovation that encompasses sustainability in every way: environmentally, socially and economically, and creates beautiful and timeless products.

At Merida, we’re building on our heritage of creating innovative, beautiful natural fiber rugs as we aspire to be leaders in sustainable design for home interiors and to join forces with like-minded companies, designers and consumers to make a difference for future generations.

We are at the beginning of our journey and we have a long-way to go but we have an incredible team at Merida and we are committed, passionate and excited about making an impact and hope you will join us. We absolutely welcome your thoughts and ideas.

Warm Regards,

Catherine Connolly

Catalyst in my very favorite pattern.  The colors and the chevron speak to me. The fiber is a wool with cotton backing.  The flat weave can be used on stairs as well. Swoon…

The vintage jacquard loom was purchased in France. It is a true artisinal skill.

Catalyst in Pink Grapefruit

Craze pattern

Craze is a thick shag that really grew on me in person. It is a linen wool combo that has such a nice hand.

Belted Stripe

This vignette with belted stripe is divine!

Climb Pattern

The sisals are farmed in Africa by committing up to three years in advance for the materials the fibers are allowed to grow longer creating a high quality product that is then woven in Belgium as apposed to China, where many lower quality products are produced.  The Chinese products are not held to any standards in regards to the living environments and pay of the employees.

Nasturtium Weave

Cocoon Pattern.  This has an amazing texture. 

The amazing Catherine Connolly

These are just of my favorites from the new collection.  Please take the time to look through the entire line to see all of the beautiful rugs and learn more about this wonderful company and its mission.  Most items are highly customizable and are produced in Massachusets.

GO USA and Merida Meridian!




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