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8 small changes that will make a big impact on your home, according to local interior designers


Sometimes small changes are all it takes to make a big impact on your home.

Here are 8 tips from local interior designers on ways you can spruce up your space.

(1) But first, de-clutter: Jaclyn Ehrlich,  Jaclyn Ehrlich Interior Design

Have you heard of the term “un-decorating?” Ehrlich says this is a critical step when beginning the decorating process. The clutter must go.

“Take it one room or area at a time and really dig in to create organized spaces that are free of clutter, ” she says.

Jaclyn suggests figuring out a place in your home that you can use for setting things aside that you want to store, donate or throw out. Jaclyn also suggests choosing the room you live in the most as your first one to de-clutter.

(2) Lighting: Traci Zeller,  Traci Zeller Designs

Zeller feels that lighting is the jewelry of a room. “We rely on the right necklace or bracelet to pull our outfits together, and the same principle applies to our rooms, ” she says.

Go beyond the standard light fixtures that come with your home and think about new overhead fixtures, lamps and even light bulbs. Traci says you can find lighting at all price points — check places like IKEA and West Elm.

Not ready for new fixtures? She also suggests “soft white” LED bulbs or a dimmer switch.

Screen Shot 2016-04-19 at 3.19.18 PM

(3) Accessories: Charlotte Lucas,  Charlotte Lucas Designs

Lucas feels that adding accessories is an easy way to bring significant change to any room, and adding layers gives the room character.

“It doesn’t matter if you have just a coffee table (of) accessories or an entire bookcase … adding that last personal touch brings life to a room, ” she says.

Screen Shot 2016-04-19 at 3.19.27 PM

(4) Wallpaper: Holly Hollingsworth Phillips,  The English Room

Residential interior designer Holly Hollingsworth Phillips feels that wallpaper can transform a space. “It adds visual interest, pattern and color like none other, ” she says.

Be bold, but if you’re afraid to wallpaper an entire room she suggests small ways to bring the element into the room, like on the back of bookcases or ceiling, adding another dimension.

Screen Shot 2016-04-19 at 3.19.39 PM

(5) Furniture layout: Bridget Gasque,  Loftus Design

“Scale of furniture is so important in a room, ” Gasque says. “It could make a room feel smaller than it is if the furniture is over-scaled, and too big if furniture is too small.”

(6) Window treatments: Will Smith of Interior Motives

Choosing the right window treatments will set the tone your home and give your space a polished look, according to Smith. Smith enjoys learning about new styles and trends from around the world and uses them in his design.

“Learning about how the world incorporates design is exciting because it allows me to educate and add a little piece of the world in my client’s spaces, ” he said.

(7) Seasonal changes: Lisa Mende,  Lisa Mende Design

Mende believes that “often the smallest things make the biggest different to a room.”

She suggests changing out pillows, furniture slipcovers and accessories with the seasons. Think lighter-weight linens and cotton in the summer, and rich and lush fabrics like velvet or chenille for fall and winter.

Screen Shot 2016-04-19 at 3.19.55 PM

(8) Paint: Tamara Leicester,  Tamara Heather Interior Design

Leicester feels that paint is one of the fastest, least expensive ways to completely transform a space.

“Color has a huge effect on how we feel in a space – warm colors and/or high contrast can make a room feel energizing and sociable, whereas cool colors or low contrast helps create a more relaxed and peaceful effect, ” she says.

Use paint as a way to either highlight architectural details or help correct a room’s imperfections.

Photo: Courtesy of Traci Zeller Designs

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