Cool Craniums for Fall

This storm has made a bit of a wreck. I’m so concerned for the whole southeast with flooding and all the potential damage.

We are headed on an impromptu family trip to Washington DC.

I have actually never been to DC.  It is embarrassing to admit, having traveled extensively all my life I somehow have missed our nation’s capital. Any suggestions or tips are welcome….

Anyway, when I’m nervous I seem to find relief and shopping. Funny how that works!

I started thinking that October is generally one of my favorite months. I love fall. Could it be because I love orange and skulls? I thought it was time to share my favorites skulls of the season to help you get ready for the impending Halloween holiday..


Stay safe this weekend everyone!

I’ll be back tomorrow with my regular retail therapy and weekend wants. 

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  • October 8, 2016

    Holly, check out the new East Wing of the National Gallery!! It just reopened after extensive renovations. It integrates acquisitions from the Corcoran Gallery of Art. I’m dying to see the new space since I worked at both institutions when I lived in DC.

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