Cool Craniums


Kyle Bunting  Louis in Extremis pillows

I have always had a bit of a skull fetish, not in a goth way but, I think they are tres chic.  I realize they are still on trend and can be taken overboard. Done correctly and in small doses however, I think skulls can be timeless.  Here are some of my favorite finds appropriately timed for this October season when we are approaching Halloween,  Day of The Dead or Dia de los Muertas.

Kyle Bunting  Louis in Extremis pillows

Skull Scarf

Skull Bookends by Phyllis Morris

Skull Blouse

Cool Skull watch via ASOS

Howling Wolves Pillow

Kosta Bota skull votive

Hot Pink Velvet Skull Loafer

Charles Albert Skull Ring

Divine Skull Lamp (photo via)

Kylie Jenner's Bedroom with an Alexander MCQueen pillow (via)

Philip Barlow Damask for Bradley Hughes

Alexander McQueen Bracelet

Sugar Skull wallpaper via Anatomy Boutique

Kyle Bunting Louis in Extremis Chairs

Dancing Skull Print via Mike Edwards Gallery

India Hicks Sugar Mill T Shirt

Alexander McQueen Shopper (sold out but plenty on ebay)

Aurelie Biderman Charm Bracelet

Brass Skull

Studio Printworks Memento Mori wallpaper

Love the traditional design with a hidden skull…

Two's Company Skellington Skull Glassware and Decanter

Crystal Head Vodka

World Market Skull Bottle Opener

Frye Skull Tote

Wildfox Skull Sweater

VC Signature Skull Boot

The Curated Collection – Skull Style: Skulls in Contemporary Art and Design – Camouflage

Skull Silver Plated Ice Bucket

D. L and Co. Skull Stationary Notecards

Ralph Lauren Ayers Decanter

Are you a skull fan or no?  They are not for the faint of heart…

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