Crazy for Cabbage Dinnerware

I happened across the best find to share!  

I am a sucker for tableware and plates especially. Some my call it hoarding yet, I call it collecting.  I remember my grandmother had a set of the original yellow cabbage dinnerware that I coveted.

You will not believe where I discovered this latest find the will be gracing my spring tabletop mixed in with pretty white plates too.  

Off to order my cabbage plates and bowls.


Cabbage Dinnerware

Never has there been a better way to serve a colorful meal than with this Cabbage Dinnerware. Add a bit of whimsical style to your table decor with these dolomite pieces that enhance your greens, hors d’oeuvres, fruit—the list goes on. And since they’re dishwasher-safe, you’ll want to use them with family as well as guests.

Check out the vintage Dodie Thayer version or Tory Burch’s current Dodie Thayer version at a much higher price point. 


(via Tory Burch)

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