Creative Christmas Lists: Part 3

 I am continuing my Creative Christmas List Series with the wants of some of my creative pals. Be ready to add some of these wants to your list too!  

See Part 1 and Part 2.

Next,  I start with the charming

Nathan Turner

I spend a lot of time on the trails …i love these boots.
I love when people give me something for the pups…these would make us all happy!
Eric and I both love to travel, so more often than not we gift each other a trip or plan a fun excursion… next spot on my list is Dunton Hot Springs
I love to cook so literally anything from Staub
Speaking of….this is something I’ve ALWAYS wanted…one day I’ll splurge

Figue Junie Dress


Be sure to continue to check my gift guides as I update them daily throughout the season as I discover the next best thing or as things sell out… 

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