Custom Bespoke Silk Scarves

How cool is this?  You can upload any image and create a custom scarf…

Your image. Your imagination. Your scarf. As unique as you are. Exclusively at Hayden-Harnett.

Welcome to our Bespoke Scarf Service page. Here's how it works:

Our simple and user-friendly Bespoke Scarf Service allows you to create a completely customized silk scarf from your personal photos, images, or artwork. Upload your image, choose your fabric, choose your scarf size, choose the image area, select the desired quantity & checkout. Your Bespoke Hayden-Harnett scarf will be produced and delivered in three weeks. It's that simple.

Bespoke Scarves are available in four popular sizes: 20"x20", 30"x30", 30"x40", or 40"x40" and are available in silk chiffon for a sheer effect or luxurious sandwashed silk for an opaque effect.

Get creative! Bespoke scarves make a great event memento, an inspired surprise gift sure to make someone smile, or a lovely treat for yourself that's 100% you … and 100% original. We're addicted already.

A Hayden-Harnett Bespoke Scarf can be made from any image that you can upload from your computer. The scarf images shown were made from our personal photos, taken with a smartphone, and the prints look great.

We will carefully inspect your scarf image and your scarf upon receipt to ensure that it meets our quality standards. We are certain that you are going to smile the moment you open your Hayden-Harnett Bespoke Scarf package.

Ready to go Bespoke? 

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