Daphne Guinness…Queen of Quirky Cool

Daphne Guinness, beer heiress, is beyond cool!

Check out her divine apartment in New York. It was featured in Architectural Digest.  I fell hard for the amazing art, use of strong color, and overall glitz and glam.  Her designer was Daniel Romualdez of Tory Burch fame.

I am such a huge fan of Damian Hirst.  These butterflies are AMAZING!

This living room is a mixture of the best art and color.

Look at that Jansen brass lamp.

The mirrors are such a perfect illusion for this fashion goddess.

The chaise lounges facing opposite ways are enticing…

A fun viewing room…

a glam bedroom with Florence Broadhurst wallpaper…

a touch of tradition with the hand painted screen…

The building

The floor plan…in case you are in the market.

Read about her real estate trouble here.  She has had a few floods.

Daphne Guinness video is a treasure to watch.

via British Vogue

via google images

via google images

via google images

This is not a Budweiser girl!


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