Darling Dransfield and Ross for Tozai

I have forever been a HUGE fan of the design duo Dransfield and Ross.  I have used their pillows for years. They are two creative geniuses. Beyond all that,  they are animal lovers and have 2 great danes. These dogs make me weak at the knees…one day… Check out pictures of the beloved first dane Cooper on their website.

I digress, the real purpose of this post is to highlight their new line for Tozai.  I saw these beauties at Spring High Point Market. The line is so creative and different in a market saturated with everything. Above are the starving artists ottomans.  You can get more info or purchase any of these items from THE ENGLISH ROOM.

I found these on the web.  Look at those puppies. ADORE! The pillows are pretty fab too.

Framed renderings…

Framed color charts..such a great way to add color.

I am going to use these in a Library soon.  I love the light streaming through them in a kitchen.

This pencil mirror is so clever! It is headed to a boys study for a teen for an August install.

I need an office to do…This is beyond.

I want to use one of these splatter items in a yellow lacquered room.

A universal remote in snakeskin….STOP IT!

A cool beaded chandelier…

A compass table will keep you from ever loosing your drink:)

Those are my favorites.  What are yours?


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