Divine Jewelry Find: Twine & Twig

I am thrilled to introduce you to fabulous new jewelry line by two lovely Charlotte gals. This line is like nothing else I have ever seen in the very best way. It is a collision of organic beauty and creativity to create one fantastic accessory. 

Twine & Twig

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A love of the rustic outdoors,  combined with a great appreciation for the casual calm offered by the North Carolina coast, inspired sisters Elizabeth Stafford White and Jacquelyn Stafford Buckner,  to begin designing jewelry in early 2012. From there, the sisters collaborated on the launch of Twine & Twig in late 2013, creating a line of jewelry that reflects both designers’ love for natural, organic beauty, as well as their southern roots and extensive worldly travels.

With quality craftsmanship and incredible attention to detail,  every Twine & Twig piece is one of a kind, handcrafted & designed by the two sisters. Each necklace is hand tied with their signature suede strap, and features unique and naturally sourced eco-friendly materials from regions throughout the world.

Twine & Twig, designed with a neutral color palette in mind, offers several collections include Tassels, Tribe, Twine & Little Twig,  Luxe & Limited Luxe. Collections are carried in multiple boutiques in the United States.

Native North Carolinians, White and Buckner
reside in Charlotte.

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What is your training? 

 E: My background is in graphic design and product development. I have always had an artistic drive but put all of that on hold for 6+ years to spend time raising my 3 children.

J: I am a hair stylist with a background in studio art and education. My training in mixing color- both in paint and hair color has influenced my style and Twine & Twig

What inspires you and your designs?

 E: I consider myself very earthy and am drawn to rustic & organic elements. I am a naturally drawn to neutral tones and draw a lot of inspiration for Twine & Twig from the outdoors.

J: The need for something new and different. There are no duplicates of any necklace so each piece is its own work of art! Being a hairstylist- you see how fashion and beauty are so intertwined- I love seeing what trends are coming out next and how the two will complement each other

 What is your favorite piece? 

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 E: I truly cannot choose just one. Each one is unique and handcrafted by one of us that its impossible to pick. Over the winter I was always sporting a limited luxe double tip, but this spring I am sure I will have on one of our signature shell designs as well as some very tribal inspired pieces that we are launching soon. Stay tuned…

J: I still have the first necklace we made on our signature suede strap- I would have to say that it is my favorite. I love seeing where we started and where the line has changed and evolved to since the launch.

 How has the your area influenced your work?

 E: My home is my sanctuary. Its truly a perfect mix of the elements that inspire me. It has actually turned me into a bit of a home body and I prefer entertaining at home instead of going out. The very organic, collected feel of my home inspires and sets the perfect working environment (after the kids go to bed and a glass of wine is poured, of course!)

J: I lived in Charleston for five years and now live in Chantilly. I really appreciate the historic preservation of places like Charleston and Plaza Midwood- our necklaces are newly crafted but have a certain vintage feel to them 

What is your favorite restaurant in Charlotte?


 E: Good Food on Montford is one of my all time favs! I love sitting at the bar with a glass of wine and some good company.


J: Soul Gastrolounge is our go to- I love the food, the staff and the vibe

What is your favorite cocktail?


 E: My summer drink is a salty dog. My winter drink is a good pinot noir and my normal go to is a glass of prosecco.


J: I’m a beer girl- but if I drink a cocktail it’s a dirty martini with blue cheese stuffed olives.

How do you balance personal life and work?

 E: Im still trying to figure that one out… let me know if you find the perfect solution!

J: I have an amazing husband that helps me balance the two. I did ask Santa for an extra day in the week- no such luck!

Dream trip?


E: An African Safari. We have so much African & tribal influence in our line that I am constantly thinking about that adventure to take it all in.


J: I’d like to travel to Italy where I can overindulge in red wine and pasta and then go meet up with Elizabeth on her safari

  Dream commission?

 E: Honestly, it’s so hard for me to answer this because the success of Twine and Twig has been a dream come true itself. Every piece of Twine and Twig jewelry is unique, so with that said, I feel like we put in a lot of thought to creating a different piece each time we sit down to make a new necklace.  BUT, if I had to choose a dream commission, it woudl be to design a piece for Christiane Celle, the founder of the clothing line Calypso St. Barths.  I admire the easy, comfortable. and casual chic look of Celle’s clothing line, and think that Twine and Twig would only enhance it. It would be incredible to create a piece for her!

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 Your favorite host / hostess gift to give?


 E: A bottle of Crystal Head Vodka with a burlap bow tied around. I love unique packaging and this skull bottle is pretty cool. 

J: I usually beg Elizabeth to help when I have showers and parties- she always comes up with a fun idea

Who is your style icon?


E: I’m pretty simple with my style…Kate Bosworth has an amazing surfer-chic meets natural beauty that I constantly covet.

olsen twin jewelry style

J: I love the Olsen twins– they definitely rock the boho chic look I love

Your favorite up and coming artist?

nelsonSea, Sky, Sand

 E: While I do like to keep a pulse on up and coming artists by attending gallery openings when I can,  I do have a favorite artist right now — Jenny Nelson.  She is an abstract artist and her choices in color are so incredibly soothing to me. I love the sense of calm her work exudes, as well as the detail layering she puts into her pieces.  As you know I like a neutral pallet, but with Jenny Nelson, her work and incredible use of color can transform a room while still maintaining the peacefulness of a room. I adore!  Her work can be viewed at one of my favorite galleries– Hidell Brooks here in Charlotte. Check it out!


J: I’ll go the music route- I have been digging the Charleston duo Shovels n’ Rope. I got to see this husband/wife band recently and they are so impressive- they make a lot of sound for two people. Elizabeth and I went the Gentlemen of the Road Tour in September and watched Edward Sharpe and Mumford perform- and all of the smaller opening acts were amazing. I wish I could see live music once a week- it’s good for your soul.

What is your most treasured possession?

 E: My African bead collection. I have been collecting these over the years and they have come from near and far but each one holds a special memory to me. I love walking into my closet every morning to see my wall of hooks holding all of these necklaces that I love mixing in with my twine & twig.

J: My wedding ring. It was my grandmothers- I love looking down and seeing a constant reminder of her

What are you reading?


 E: Does Llama Llama Red Pajama count? I wish I had time to read for myself these days… the only reading I get in is my night time snuggle reading time with my kids.


J: I sound like Elizabeth- Goodnight Moon. When I have time to read- I like looking  at local Charlotte magazines to find out the new cool restaurants and stores to check out.

What are you listening to? 


E: Music is constantly playing… and it influences my designs so much. Most recently I have been playing a lot of acoustic tunes with favorites being Everything but the Girl, Griffin House 

J: I cannot make a necklace without music playing in the background. The Avett Brothers have been a long time favorite. You can’t go wrong with putiing Pandora on the Mumford and Sons station. I just bought the Inside Llewyn Davis soundtrack am loving it.  I also go through phases where I love listening to Oldies


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You can find these beauties in Charlotte at Poole Shop and Doll.

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