Dress to Room Pairings: Golden Globes 2024

As you know, I love doing these Dress to Room Pairings posts but I am hesitant to share.  There has been a huge increase litigious activity towards content creators using any images they don’t produce even if the source is sited.  You can get sued for $100,000+ all doing by computer programs just searching for images for attorneys that are trying to fleece content creators. The sad thing is I hear they are often not even paying the photographers they are supposedly representing. I am actually considering deleting all blog posts over a certain age. I cannot believe I have created over 4605 posts over the years.

It has made this fun side hustle quite stressful.

I am currently being targeted by a firm for an image that was used in an Artist Spotlight Series feature of a celebrity that the artist had sent me over 8 years ago.  It had been grabbed innocently by the artist to show her style icon via Google images. The whole thing is a nightmare. Pinterest is also a hotbed of images that I likely need to remove.

All celebrity images via Eonline! & rooms via Pinterest

Enjoy my loosely interpreted Golden Globes pairings…

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