Electra Bicycles

The beautiful weather has me out riding bicycles and thinking… 

The funny thing about design is that it is all around.  I am drawn to the more extraordinary things in this world. It can be a "A Small World" ride at Disney, a bicycle, or a flower. The inspiration possibilities are endless. I fell in love with Electra Bicycle Co. a few years back.  They design for the rider to be satisfied and stimulated physically and esthetically. I appreciate it.  

A beauty for sure…

I think you should be driving through a tulip field on this.

I could love this!

Violet is NEEDING this bike.  We are in negotiations for end of year grades.

I adore this Karma…


This is the bike that I bought about 5 years ago that started my obsession with these bikes.  I have a precious wicker basket on it too.

My 15 year wedding Anniversary is coming up…I was thinking this could be fitting.


I have shown you a few of my favorites.  Which are yours?


  • March 22, 2012


    I can see MP on a tandem bike, for sure.
    I got a "beach bike" last fall ( the gears were a smart purchase). I LOVE it. Nothing makes you feel like a kids again as riding a bike!
    I need a basket for mine now….

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