Fabric Love: Rouse Phillips

When I went to Charleston to check in on the Charleston Symphony Orchestra Showhouse dining room that I am designing last week, I popped in Fritz Porter.  

They have recently expanded their textile and wallpaper space and it has the most amazing lines.  They carry lines that you cannot find anywhere else in the southeast.  They curate the most exquisite collection.

 I fancy myself one in the “know” in the design world but I was delighted to be introduced to a few I had never seen.

Rouse Phillips is a delight to behold.

Rouse Phillips believe in the importance of timelessness and beauty. Our Sydney based textile company was founded in 2012 by artists and co-founders Tim Rouse and Anastasia Phillips. We produce soft furnishings and upholstery textiles for residential and commercial interiors as well as a range ofhandknotted rugs and kilims.

With a love and appreciation for timeless design, we have created a collection of original, high quality textiles using the best quality base cloths and yarns sourced from skilled manufacturers locally and across the globe. Each design is created by hand utilising  various fine art and design techniques. 

Everything we make has been designed with longevity in mind and with the capacity to be admired for many years to come. We share a passion for textiles, a knowledge of traditional and contemporary design and draw influence from our studies in Design and Fine Arts respectively.  Much of our work has been influenced by our explorations to Europe, India and Asia. Tim carries on a long family tradition in the textiles industry, his  family were a formative part of the New Zealand textile trade dating back to the 1940’s.

Let our collection allow you to experience this sense of exploration, eclecticism and intrigue within your own home.

Logo Thin Final

and here are a few favorites…



Vibrant poppies intertwine with one another. The stalks dance with each other throughout the design, creating movement that simulates a field of poppies.



Houses of Marrakech is an abstract interpretation of the colours and architectural shapes of the backstreets and alleyways found in many old middle eastern cities. 



Bulls, fish, sailors and sun. A pen and ink drawing of a surreal summer on the Spanish coast.



A ghostly drawing of the often forgotten plants, that flowers in the night. Ink and water has been used to capture their fleeting nocturnal beauty. 



Harking back to the 1940’s, umbrellas are proudly dotted along the sand in this classic, summer inspired design



Inspired by the famous bricks from Frank Lloyd Wright’s ‘Ennis House’, like it’s namesake the hand drawn blocks of Ennis are built like an ancient temple and the symmetrical reliefs of Mayan buildings.

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