Fantastical Keith Fritz Furniture

I am smitten with the beautiful furniture of Keith Fritz.  

Each piece is painstakingly crafted by hand using traditional craftsmanship based on age old techniques.

The beautifully colored veneers and woods are so unusual and unique in this saturated furniture market.

Here is a look at a few favorites…



Keith Fritz is the son of a carpenter raised in Siberia, Indiana. His passion for furniture blossomed early – as a teenager, Keith designed his first piece of furniture, an award winning ornate Bombay Chippendale secretary with over 1200 hours logged in its design and creation. After attending seminary at St. Meinrad College in Indiana and graduating from Catholic University in Washington, DC in 1999, Keith immediately opened his first workshop on Capitol Hill and began building custom furniture for DC’s high-end design market.

In 2001, after only a few years building handcrafted furniture in the DC metropolitan area, Keith was commissioned to build a custom dining table for President Bill Clinton by designers Robert Brown and Todd Davis. Today, Keith Fritz Fine Furniture is represented by the finest trade-only showrooms across the country.

While Keith’s portfolio is quite large, very rarely are two identical pieces of furniture ever created. Keith works closely with each designer to create a timeless piece of furniture that embodies all of the imagination, beauty and function any designer can dream. Over the years, Keith has designed several pieces in collaboration with renowned designers such as Allen Kirsch, Barbara Hawthorn, David Cadwallader, Anne Black and more.

Keith moved his workshop back to Indiana in 2005 and moved into his current space, a historic Jasper Cabinet factory building in Ferdinand, in 2008 where he has created a communal artisan space where local designers and artisans eat, live and create.

Keith Fritz and his cadre of artisans offer a luxurious collection of classically modern handcrafted furniture. His pieces provide a clean, elegant aesthetic based on the best of 18th, 19th, and 20th century furniture design. In the rolling hills of Southern Indiana, where the old world traditions of fine craftsmanship have been passed down through the generations, Keith offers a promise to create beautiful furniture that will set the stage for your life and become your legacy to future generations.

The natural beauty of rare and exquisite woods is augmented by meticulously hand rubbed finishes, which give the pieces a warm, sensual glow. Every piece Keith creates is lovingly hand made and the tailored to the client’s exact specifications.

Keith’s reputation for timely delivery and excellent customer service make him a valuable partner to the most discerning interior designers and architects across the country.

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  • June 27, 2018

    They are beautiful. I like all the furniture 🙂

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