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Favorite Design Blogs for Inspiration

By Holly Phillips

Favorite Design Blogs for Inspiration


When you need a flash of design insight, these 15 sites are a great source of ideas and innovation.


Inspiration comes from everywhere. Travel, shopping, books, magazines, and blogs inspire me. Blogs are a way to stay very current. You often are privy to new introductions and design news on the Internet before they go to print in monthly publications. I have included some of the best design and lifestyle blogs that I peruse daily. Each of these comes at design from a different perspective.

I do hope you enjoy them as much as I do each morning with my coffee and croissant.

Favorite Design Blogs for Inspiration

Kelly Market

A lifestyle and home décor destination featuring the latest market trends, design ideas, and a guide to effortless, elegant style.

Favorite Design Blogs for Inspiration

The Peak of Chic

Editor and historian Jennifer Boles writes this blog that highlights primarily historical interior and home design and classic trends and style icons from the early 20th century to the present. She gives mini-history lessons on some of the greatest characters, creators, designers and artists of their time. Her magazine archives are phenomenal.

Favorite Design Blogs for Inspiration


Bringing you the best in lifestyle from interiors and fashion to art, architecture and more. With fresh original content and photos, Quintessence is a destination for those who want the story behind the style.

Favorite Design Blogs for Inspiration

The Decorista

This is a blog about interior design, interior decorating, home, lifestyle, and fashion, by interior designer Ashlina Kaposta.

Favorite Design Blogs for Inspiration


Writer and design guru, Marisa Marcantonio lives in the heart of design and shares her daily inside scoop on the latest and greatest in design. I never miss a post.

Favorite Design Blogs for Inspiration

La Dolce Vita

Founded by Paloma Conteras of Houston, this site aims to bring a fresh, glamorous, and stylish approach to every facet of life. La Dolce Vita’s mission is to be your preeminent source for fabulous interior design stories, new decorating ideas, the latest in fashion and accessories, unique perspectives on entertaining, and travel features sure to inspire a case of wanderlust.

Favorite Design Blogs for Inspiration

The Glitter Guide

A guide to all that’s chic, fun, and glittery in fashion, trends, design, and more by founder Taylor Sterling. This lifestyle blog is a daily treat loaded with great content.

Favorite Design Blogs for Inspiration

Slim Paley

Following along with Slim and watching her chic jet set life unfold is a treat. Her style is so chic.

Favorite Design Blogs for Inspiration

Hotel Chic Blog

This is hotel style translated to real life. Sara Bliss started Hotel Chic as a travel/design blog to showcase the coolest hotels around the globe, and show you how to bring the look home. I am never disappointed by the destinations Sara’s invites to all from the comfort of our sofa.

Favorite Design Blogs for Inspiration

Habitually Chic

A blog about glamorous lives and stylish places. For those of us who don’t have the time or the patience to track down all things chic, Heather Clawson finds the cream of the crop and shares it all on her blog.

Favorite Design Blogs for Inspiration

Design Chic

“We’re not decorators. We’re not designers. We’re just a mother and a daughter who love beautiful things. This blog is the culmination of 1000’s of hours of “research.” This mother / daughter team has a terrific and fresh eye.

Favorite Design Blogs for Inspiration

The Style Files

An interior design blog that’s slowly beginning to introduce fashion into its repertoire, the style files is an online design filing cabinet so well organized and easy to navigate, it puts any tangible filing cabinet in even the best library to shame.

Favorite Design Blogs for Inspiration

The Zhush

This site shares unique home accents, thoughtful gifts and one-of-a-kind accessories . It’s a great source for everything you need to brighten your home or someone’s day!

Favorite Design Blogs for Inspiration

Katie Armour

Katie is a neo-tradtionalist and the cofounder and editor of Matchbook Magazine. She’s is a chic New York girl with a fresh and insightful eye on design and a well-loved pug, Alfred.

Favorite Design Blogs for Inspiration

Style Court

A collection of seven years of textiles, history, art, design, and a little mental traveling with Courtney Barnes. This blog is a daily aesthetic gift to all of us who love design.




What are your favorite blogs for design inspiration?

Holly Hollingsworth Phillips is an interior designer and owner of The English Room and the creator of popular The English Room lifestyle and design blog. Her work has appeared in Southern Living and many other publications. She lives in Charlotte, North Carolina with her husband, three children, two dogs, hedgehog and bearded dragon. Follow her on Twitter,  Facebook,  Pinterest,  KEEP or Instagram.


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    I love so many of these blogs, also I adore the blog Design Darling. It is great. I have never ready Slim Paley or the The Style Files so I’ll check these out!

  • November 9, 2013

    Fantastic picks, Holly! Lots of these are on my daily must read list. I’m looking forward to checking out a few new to me blogs Thanks!

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