Fight the Back to School Blues with Pink


Gray Malin, Miami Pink Umbrellas

My children went back to school this week and I cannot shake the blues.  The passing of summer and the start of another hectic year with activities, sports and deadlines has me down in the dumps.  

When my children were little, you were often so ready to get them back in school with structured activities but, I find as they get older I dread going back to school.  We enjoy each others company in the summer and can spend so much more quality time together with out the pressure and stress that comes with the schedule. 

We needed a little more time on the beach in a pink lounger …and I needed a fruity drink with a magenta umbrella….oh well…. 


Hot Pink Loungers by Gray Malin

Beat those blues with plenty of pink….



Hopefully, this too shall pass.

Happy Weekend!

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