Gadget Girl: MICA Bracelet

I love a good gadget and was thrilled to see this article on Refinery 29 yesterday.

Technology meets Fashion.


This Gorgeous Bracelet Is Like A High-Tech Easy Button


Photo: Courtesy of Opening Ceremony.

With all the buzzy fashion collabs these days, only a select few truly live up to the hype. Sure, we’ll get butterflies thinking about the aspirational-yet-affordable spawn of a high-street staple and couture virtuoso, but a really good mash-up is one that brings something entirely new to the table. So, when the smarties at Intel and the stylish folks at Opening Ceremony teamed up this past Fashion Week on a never-been-done-before accessory, we’ll admit, we couldn’t wait to take it for a spin. Dubbed the MICA, short for My Intelligent Communications Accessory, it’s part bracelet, part wearable tech — and now it’s officially available for purchase.

But first, you may want to know a thing or two about the MICA. Designed for the hyper-connected, fashionable woman on the go, it looks like a glam cuff from an aerial view, but there’s a small, hidden screen on the underside. That’s the portal to discreetly check in on important happenings (and maybe some much-needed distractions) throughout the day, including text messages, Yelp recs, and schedule reminders. And, we have a little something to get off our chest: Refinery29 is now delivering fresh updates to the MICA bracelet — which means your favorite R29 content is heading straight to your wrist, in real time.

The MICA is available exclusively in the U.S., for $495 at Opening Ceremony and Barneys NY. To tide you over until you get one of your own, ogle this video, starring one very cute puppy and the impossibly adorable Rashida Jones as the do-it-all boss anyone would want to work for. 

Want a better look?

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Now for the BIG question….black or cream

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