Gessi: Beautiful on the inside and out….


I am excited to another bathroom industry giant from Italy. Gessi is a high end company that is a innovator in the luxury field. They create the most beautiful and innovative faucets that are drool worthy.  They are chic and sexy but, what may be more interesting is the company and it’s true depth of caring for the employees and the environment.  When researching Gessi I was blown away not only by the company but by the standards which they set for themselves and the quality of products they produce. Gessi is truly beautiful inside and out. 

Enjoy getting to know Gessi and please check out all their products at your local showroom or online.


Gessi products enjoy an extraordinary client base of architects, interior designers, and lifestyle enthusiasts… outgoing, creative, dynamic, and innovative individuals, who like to think outside the box inventing the future.With creations ranging from faucets to ceramics and even precious bathroom textiles and air fresheners, Gessi has created a new style of living: a “design to be experienced, to be worn and breathed”. In fact Gessi designs involve all of the senses thereby allowing the user to enjoy personal spaces that offer a new sense of well-being, a daily wellness experience in which to celebrate a renewed contact with one’s inner self.
Gessi’s “Made in Italy” products are manufactured in harmony with the utmost respect for the environment and the user, creating a new awareness and appreciation of design, and focusing upon the objects’ charm and elegance, as well as their ethical content.

With these individuals in mind, Gessi has dedicated itself to offering new living concepts with the widest assortment of products imaginable, in a vast range of styles, models and application solutions allowing for unlimited freedom in designing interiors. New and unpredictable elements, as well as special aesthetic and technological product features create living spaces where everyday activities take on new and extraordinary values.



Gessi believes in innovation as a means of fulfilling dreams and anticipating needs. Not limiting itself to the invention of new stylistic solutions for interior design and well-being, Gessi stresses on respecting the environment, with new technologies, new production processes and new materials.

Gessi projects spring from creative freedom and a passion for objects liberated from prescribed and encoded functions and reinvented for new uses: empathetic, friendly and enjoyable objects. Objects that improve people’s lives.

Gessi – Dream Factory


At the heart of the production facility lies structure harmoniously emerging from the surrounding environment. A far cry from a traditional factory, the Gessi production facility skirts the confines between architecture and land art, becoming a feature of the landscape, embedded as a natural sculpture.

Design is integral to the Company’s entire production process. It is its heart and soul and the distinguishing element in everything it does, even its architecture. The same aesthetic characteristics of industrial space have been taken into consideration as functional elements. That is, offering employees a pleasant working environment, a source of positive energy and well-being to be enjoyed by all, a place where work can be carried out in absolute serenity under ideal environmental conditions.

To this end, the architectural elements, lighting systems and building materials all employ solutions that are unique for an industrial facility that aesthetically blend into the surrounding environment. The extensive use of natural materials, like wood and stone, renders the environment warm and welcoming.

Motorcycle and vintage car collections, works of art, designer pieces, antiques and crafts are all scattered throughout the various areas of the Park. The working environment has been furnished with the same passion as a home.

The factory itself is characterized by spacious, bright and clean environments. Shiny brass neatly organized in bars on shelves from which it is collected by robots, silent white machinery, polished floors bustling with the electric carts that are used throughout the facility. A profound cleanliness. An orderliness that makes you forget you’re in a factory.

Like the sustained rhythms of production, the abundance of electronics and robotics are lost in the muffled silence of the long corridors and the vast halls of the showrooms. All this is nestled within the backdrop of rolling green hills. Now transformed into a green complex of meadows, woods, streams and ponds, the Park’s profound beauty makes it hard to believe that it was once home to a bustling quarry.

The Park even houses smart and experimental technologies for modelling architectural designs to logistics, as well as innovative materials processed using advanced techniques. All are aimed at optimizing resource management and reducing environmental impact in accordance with the principles of environmental sustainability.

Today when production processes are being dislocated and production and marketing activities are moving away, the integrated company model can be found right here.
The park is self-sufficient with vertically integrated work activities, in which professionalism and various experiences find a common home.

Thanks to the facility, the Company’s activities, structured by means of careful planning and a modern and efficient organizational model, are lively, active and stimulating, yet at the same time peaceful.

In addition to the heart of the Park, the Company’s production activities, its nervous centres are the Styling Office, in which the Collections are conceived of and brought to life, and the Research and Development Centre, which transforms the designers’ ideas into iconic and world renowned products.
The enormous showroom is also of fundamental importance; it’s a magnificent place in which visitors can fully appreciate the true Gessi spirit. An indispensable stimulus for workers and customers alike.

Gessi – Green Gessi, Design for nature

In today’s world, designs cannot just be based on aesthetics, ergonomics, functionality and the ability to manuacture the product. Rather, today’s designs must take social values ​​and concerns into account: the environment, energy resources and new ways of living, as well as new individual and collective needs.

Today, technology has provided us with new tools that allow us to develop a better relationship with the objects and to maximize the individual’s sense of well-being within the environment. People are always at the centre of each project. Technology and ecology represent today’s new challenge.

In recognition of its responsibility towards society as a whole, Gessi constantly does its best to safeguard the health of its workers, to ensure environmental compatibility, to guarantee the highest standards of quality and safety for its production processes and products, to ensure that water and other valuable resources are used in a responsible and sustainable manner and to guarantee that the Company’s ethical principles are faithfully observed.

Gessi has adopted sustainability as the cornerstone of its design and production system. It is an integral part of the values​​, the culture, the creativity, the technology and the entrepreneurship of the company, and is fundamental to all of its planning, production and control decisions.

Gessi’s challenge is based on the concept of reducing its ecological and social footprint upon the Earth by improving the environmental and social performance of its products, both during production and during their use on behalf of the final consumer, through innovations in working methods, behaviour and the business management systems.

This commitment takes on the form of continuous research, aimed at developing designs of exceptional aesthetic levels, using materials of the highest quality with the guarantee of meticulous Italian workmanship, and improving the safety and sustainability of the products and the production processes using technical and technological solutions. Research is also dedicated to optimizing energy and water use, eliminating pollution and promoting more environmentally friendly consumption and lifestyle models.

This special attention has been best summarized in the Company’s motto “made ​​with love”.

Here are some of my favorite pieces from the collections. I adore this whole brass Mimi collection.

Gessi's Mimi Sanitary Collection











A HUGE thank you to Gessi for sponsoring Blogtour London. It was such an experience I will always treasure.



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