Giving Tuesday: Danny & Ron’s Rescue

We all have causes near and dear to our hearts.  

One of mine is Danny & Ron’s Rescue.  

These extraordinary men, whom I am lucky to know through the equestrian world, have hearts of gold.  

You can get to know them and their story in the Netflix documentary Life in the Doghouse

and now more deeply through their FANTASTIC new book, Forever Home. 

Danny & Ron’s Rescue is an organization like no other. Because an abused or neglected dog can only recover and learn to trust again when it is in a loving home, Danny and Ron decided to open the doors to their own home. Danny and Ron treat each neglected, abused, and misunderstood animal like a member of the family; the dogs eat organic food from their own bowls and are even allowed to sleep in the bed.

In this heartwarming book, Danny and Ron chronicle their journey helping more than 13,000 dogs in need, telling the stories of many furry friends that have come into their lives and of their own “rescue” as they came out together late in life. At any given time, there are upwards of 90 dogs lounging, frolicking, recovering, and cuddling under their own roof. For many of these wonderful canines, their house saved them from death.

For Danny and Ron, saving and protecting innocent and defenseless canines and finding them forever homes is their passion and life mission. Forever Home is their story—a message of acceptance, kindness, and, of course, love. It is a reminder that hope and joy can arise from the darkest circumstances, and that we all can make the world a better place for ourselves and our animal friends—it starts at home, with patience, empathy, and an open heart.

You can help by donating HERE too or adopting a dog in need of their forever home. 

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