Goal # 1…Blogging in 2012

Goal # 1…Blogging in 2012

I am finally getting around to the blog posting.  I have resolved that in 2012 I will get this blog up and rolling. I think the world of social media is a wonderful marketing tool that I can no longer ignore.  I am jumping in feet first.  Join me, won't you?

I will do my very best to keep it design related but, as a true shopaholic I cannot promise you will not get other fashion, style and other musings.  I will also give you lots of great pictures and less text.  I am certainly a visual person, not a writer.

Please, Please, Please be sure to share my blog with your friends. I need followers to make this work.  I have signed up to attend the Design Bloggers Conference in LA in February.  It would be a real shame to attend without a blog or followers. Regardless, it will be a fabulous trip to sunny LA to meet the greatest designers around.

I have also set up a Twitter account (which I still cannot really figure out) and have been doing my very own version of mini posts on Facebook for the past few months.

All my peeps know I have become totally obsessed with Pinterest.  It is amazing! My sweet daughter is following in my footsteps with an alias account at age 10.  I am creating an army of shopaholics. 

That being said, I am leaving you with one of my favorite photographs of the year.  It is pure perfection.  


Looking forward to a great 2012!