Goyard Tote: A Crown Only For A Queen or Princess…

photo copy 4Goyard…a favorite of mine slightly saddened me today.  

Here is how it played out.  We finished a long business meeting and meeting of design superstar Jacques Grange (SWOON) to spend a little free time on the street shopping “The City of Lights.” I knew I needed a particular gift for myself. 

Screen Shot 2013-09-10 at 6.53.01 PM

We headed straight to Goyard.  I was ready to pull trigger on a new work tote in “WINE.”  I ordered it from the nice Monsieur   I was ready to start the customization   I have had this one in mind for quite a long time. I said I would like to put a crown (like my logo) in the center with stripes. He smiled politely and asked if I was a “Queen or Princess.” I paused for a long while to before I could divulge my answer.   Of course, this was a stumper.  I am both in SO MANY WAYS but, I had never been asked to define it.   He proceeded to tell us that only “REAL” Royalty can have a crown.  Well, I be damned if I came all the way to Paris to be told I am not royalty. He clearly has not met a Southern debutante. 


The kind sir said that the true royals were the only ones allowed to have crowns.   They had had complaints because too many Japanese fashionistas had used the crowns only for royals.  Here are the crown choices…really.  

photo copy 6

I eventually bought my bag sans monogram and headed on my way.  This bag will be monogrammed with a crown come Hell or high water (or sharpie) mark my words.

That was my excitement for the day. 


Bon Nuit!


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