Gray Malin One Room Challenge Feature

I am honored to be featured over on Gray Malin’s site showcasing my latest One Room Challenge and his Far Far Away Series.  

See the whole feature HERE or a peek below.


Hi Everyone,

Have you ever wondered about how an interior designer decorates for their own home? I definitely have and specifically wondered if they take their style up a notch or go more minimalist, since they are around design all day for work. Well today’s home tour with interior designer, owner of The English Room in Charlotte, North Carolina, Holly Hollingsworth Phillips is sharing her home with us, and let me tell you – she’s definitely answers with the first option because she is anything but minimal in her approach to decorating in her own home.

“Classic style mixed with an eclectically modern twist,” is what you’ll read when visiting Holly’s design firm, The English Room’s website, and I think this is a perfectly precise way to describe the work she does as an interior designer.  I became familiar with Holly and her work, as were both participants in the One Room Challenge….remember my big reveal? Well, Holly had a big one of her own. It was, actually, of her own home and quite to my delight, she decorated with not one but two llama prints from my series, Far Far Away.

Let’s chat with Holly about it…

This is such a wonderfully eclectic room! I understand that it’s actually your home, and the home that you grew up in no less! It must have been a very personal project, which are many times the most difficult. If it’s not impossible, could you give us an overall decor direction or inspiration that you began with for this room?

I knew I wanted the space to feel fresh and bright. It has always been a cozy room but dark as well.  The ceilings were dropped to give it that warm feel when my parents built the house. I am also an avid color lover and knew it had to have great art and bold colors.

When it came to designing this space, did you approach it differently than you would, if it were for a client?

Absolutely,  I am much bolder when designing for myself.  Clients put more restriction on my creativity and generally want softer palettes.  I go all out with my home.

Read the full interview and shop my Far Far Away friends. 

Photos by Erin Comerford

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