Greatest Gadget: PowerLine Mobile Inverter

I love a good gadget and this one is for me!



PowerLine Mobile Inverter

Sporting a distinct coffee cup design, the PowerLine PowerCup 200/400 Inverter can fit well inside the cup holder of a car. It consists of a USB power port and an AC outlet. This DC to AC converter for car is capable of powering-up almost anything from laptop computers and DVD players to iPods and iPhones. Plug this coffee cup power inverter into the 12V power socket of the car to convert DC power into AC power through its two AC outlets. Even electrical appliances that need a continuous power supply of about 200 Watt can be run using this power inverter with USB port that can reach to the maximum of 400 watt when at peak.

PowerLine PowerCup 200/400 Inverter:

  • 2 outlets
  • Plug into vehicle’s 12V outlet
  • Includes USB power port to charge iPods/iPhones and other devices
  • Will power DVD players, laptop computers and more

Hop over to Amazon and get one ASAP…or three like me for all our cars.  I hate being without power ever!

FYI- This too was found via Instagram stalking of a college friend. Here is her picture that sparked the search.


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