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Hello world;

I am so honored to be featured on Holly’s blog today! Because she has been such a huge inspiration to me, it makes this so much more meaningful.

I love design. All things design.

I hope you guys enjoy my blog and begin getting your daily musings from my posts.

Some of my ramblings stem directly to my life as an interior designer/new home buyer/ young professional excited to expand my career in the field and also to take you guys along the journey of a girl who dreams of floor plans and curtain fabrics when I’m not at work.

So here goes..



I am currently obsessed with these new “cotton carpets” from the Jill Sorensen collection.

They are a tight-weave, 100% cotton, very durable and so versatile.

How perfect would these be mixed in with some black and whites & lucite 🙂

crops_large blackmonogramcarpet_4297ad10-5a39-4197-bbff-c39f1154073c_large Maze_Carpet_-_Sand_Dune_-_Jill_Sorensen_large Maze_Perennial_copy_large

PinkMaze_large crop_large



(these are just a few of the color options/patterns)

They are all available in:

4′ x 6′
5′ x 7′
6′ x 9′
8′ x 10′
9′ x 12′
11′ x 14′

Excited to incorporate these in my home! 


(You can always purchase any of these you see through The English Room :))

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  • September 23, 2014

    Who makes the orange chest? I love it!

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