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Fido Friendly Interiors

“Man’s best friend.” A title that dogs have held onto since the beginning of time. These tail-wagging, barking, ever-licking creatures are essentially a 4-legged hairy ball of love. To show our love back, our post today is dedicated to them! We are delighted  to have talented designer,  Holly Phillips from The English Room, give us some fantastic and creative ideas on making your home more pet-friendly to Fido.

BACKGROUND:  Holly Hollingsworth Phillips is a residential interior designer and co-owner of The English Room, which is based out of Charlotte, North Carolina. Holly’s style is elegant, eclectic and colorful. She has completed homes all over the east coast that have ranged from the super modern to very traditional while keeping it true to her style.  Holly’s early design experience includes working with Alexandra Stoddard and Sotheby’s – both in New York City. Holly completed a Mint Museum Senior Study and worked at the Atlanta Decorative Arts Center. After College, Holly lived in London while completing Sotheby’s 17th and 18th century decorative arts program. She has also completed The Winter institute at Winterthur, which provided a deep exposure one of the most complete collections of American Antiques in existence. Her first “professional” job was with Travis & Company in Atlanta where she ran the Antiques side of the showroom. In 1999, Holly joined her mother full-time at the English Room in Charlotte. Her educational background includes a degree in Art History from Rollins College and a degree in Interior Design from the American College.

She has been featured in Southern Accents, Southern Living, Charlotte Magazine, Charlotte Urban Home, Southpark Magazine and Better Homes and Gardens Windows and Walls.

Fido Friendly Interiors

Are you a friend of Fido? I certainly am.

In interior design I think I come across many interiors that need to have thought put toward the dogs or children in the house. Both can be equally rough on the furniture and interiors. As a HUGE dog lover I want to share some ideas for sharing your home with “man’s best friend”.

1. Make a PLACE for your pooch. In doing so make it a place where your dog can be comfortable. Under the stairs is often wasted space that could be utilized. If you choose a mudroom consider a dutch door or glass door. Dogs love to be able to see their people. Also think about soft bedding that can be washed, water, and food.

This is certainly something to consider in construction. Remember to find your spot and PLAN for it.

2. Are you going to groom your dog at home? If so, what an easy and usefully addition to your laundry or mud room a shower can be. We all spend days wiping muddy feet. What a welcome addition this would be away from the rainy outdoor spigot.

3. Consider where you will feed your dog. You can add hidden bowls in a place that would not be easily kicked or in the way, if you have a bit of forethought in planning. Personally, I prefer my dogs eat away from my kitchen. This is because they are grazers and my children seem to be unable to not kick the bowls as they walk by!

4. Instead of a day of barking let your pooch see what he is missing. I think these fence holes are absolute genius. Even dogs are natural voyeurs by nature. Go toPet Peek to find out more.

5. If your dog lives out doors make sure he / she has all the comforts he could ask for while the house fits in with the architecture of your chalet and provides adequate shade for summer and warmth in the winter.

Also consider the landscaping. Many plants can poisonous for animals.

A wine barrel house would be just fabulous in Napa….

6. If you are going to make a dog room make sure everyone has a spot. Dogs are pack animals by nature but they normally prefer to have their own space.

7. If you can let your dogs just be with you that is all they ever would want. Consider how they will fit into your living space. Many fabrics can be treated with scotch guard today to make them super durable. I often consider Sunbrella andCrypton for clients who openly let animals on the furniture (including me). They are abundant beautiful options without sacrificing style.

and if Fido prefers to be outside be sure to give his a fine palace to enjoy. Great ideas can be found in Barkitecture.

Thank you, Holly! We love your creative thoughts and ideas on how to make our pooches happier in the home!  For more information about Holly and The English Room, see below!

Holly Hollingsworth Phillips / The English Room

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