Herb Jackson at Hidell Brooks Gallery

While I am in Charleston for the Southern Style Now festival, Hidell Brooks Gallery’s November gallery opening is not to be missed!

The opening reception with Herb Jackson will be an opportunity to meet this renowned and revered artist. 

friday, november 2nd

6-8 pm

herb jackson

across time 

I am often asked how my work has changed with time.  It is far easier to show you than to explain, so I am taking this opportunity to juxtapose paintings from as early as 40 years ago with current work.

The subconscious ocean that the artist swims in is deep and grows deeper with the years. It has many currents that can be followed, but the swimmer is contained by the shores of life experience, so the resulting paintings take on recognizable characteristics. Fortunately, the artist cannot predict the later work, but in retrospect the seeds for it are found in the earlier work.

My process is to build paintings by putting on and immediately removing a layer, leaving a residue of the new application in some places and covering it in others by the subsequent layer.  It is a metaphor for the life process.

Putting on:

The individual is formed through layers of experience.

Taking off:

The ever shifting constructed self is revealed through the excavated layers of transformed memory.

The concerns of my mature work have remained consistent while the final form has changed and evolved. I am still interested in the meditation of layering and revealing buried information, but there are more layers now (often 100 or more in the new work). The surface texture is more dependent on scraping compared to the earlier accretion of paint left by the drag of the brush. Intense color has always been an interest, but in the 1970’s it was hidden under layers of lighter value. Less of it is buried now. You will see similar mark-making in all the paintings.

It is a pleasure for me to bring out a number of paintings that have never been shown or offered to collectors to hang with the new pieces. I hope they will relate to you and each other across time.

-herb jackson 2018


Southend Steelyard

1910 South Boulevard Suite 130

Charlotte, NC  28203

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