Hidell Brooks Gallery featuring The English Room

Art gallery extraordinaire, Hidell Brooks Gallery's blog,  featured The English Room today. Thank you to Katharine and Rebecca for including me on your blog.

 Be sure to stop by the gallery Tuesday through Saturday and look at their lovely website for inspiration.


holly hollingsworth phillips + the english room

holly hollingsworth phillips is a fabulous decorator + blogger in charlotte and also co-owner ofthe english room. she is a longtime friend and supporter of hidell brooks gallery.  holly has always had her own distinctive style starting in the 80's with her obsession of anything neon especially clothing and accessories.  thank goodness it has come back in style again.

more importantly she combines her own style and vast knowledge of interior design into her creative projects. holly is a master at interpreting her clients desires into a reality.  the end result is a cohesive interior mixing traditional and modern with a bit of funky.  she also loves art!

holly has helped katharine over the years with her house.  below is her living room and a close up of the new wall paper + curtains recently installed in her daughter's room.  


we had the pleasure of visiting holly at pixie spring cottage her mountain home in linville earlier this summer. we were up for the day installing art at another client's home and she was sweet enough to treat us to lunch at the golf club.  it was delicious and the macaroons were out of this world.  we had a quick tour of her cottage and got to see the charles edward walker painting hanging in the froyer over her mantle.  it looked amazing!

this past week we delivered and installed two paintings in her newly painted orange dining room in charlotte.  a large selena beaudry watercolor went on one wall.  the orange made the watercolor pop!  opposite we hung an oil and encaustic on panel painting by miranda lake.  


holly gave us permission to give you a sneak peek of other hidell brooks artists that have made their way into her home over the years.  we love working with you and look forward to more projects ahead!  please check out her website and subscribe to her blog with the link above.  below is a julian hatton monoprint in her breakfast room and a chris hayman painting in the living room.  thank you holly!



  • September 5, 2012

    great post from HB. i have already told you this, but the dining room looks amazing!

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