Holiday Gift Idea: AWAY Monogram Edition

You know what everyone on your list could use for Christmas?


Yep, we all need it, use it and abuse it. I thought why not share it again on Wanderlust Wednesday.

 AWAY is the answer to constantly replacing your black roller bag.  It is guaranteed for life…


Cracks or breaks in the shell

Wheels, handles, or telescoping handles that break off and are no longer usable

Zippers that can no longer be opened or closed

“Quite simply: the perfect suitcase. Developed from hundreds of travel stories from friends and seatmates, and designed for the way people actually travel. We don’t make “smart” luggage, we make thoughtful luggage—featuring unbreakable shells, interior compartments, and built-in USB chargers—using the best materials in the world. The result is luggage that is beautifully, functionally minimal. It’s luggage that helps you find your way by staying out of it.”


The Monogram Edition

You’ll have your suitcase for life—might as well make it personal. Choose your preferred color palette and font style, and New York artist Jen Mussari will hand-paint up to three letters on your suitcase–could be your initials or your favorite three-letter word. Now there’s even less confusion in the overhead compartment. 

All lettering is hand-painted, and actual monogram size may vary slightly. Since it’s literally got your name on it, any custom item cannot be exchanged or returned. Custom luggage will ship in 1-2 weeks. Find more info on the  FAQ page.

Here are some colors and styles I was considering…

 screen-shot-2016-12-04-at-7-27-23-pm screen-shot-2016-12-04-at-7-27-12-pm screen-shot-2016-12-04-at-7-26-53-pm screen-shot-2016-12-04-at-7-26-22-pm screen-shot-2016-12-04-at-7-26-03-pm screen-shot-2016-12-04-at-7-25-44-pm screen-shot-2016-12-04-at-7-25-30-pm 

You can even build a set for a really big sleigh delivery!


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