House Beautiful’s 35 Best Design Books of 2012

House Beautiful has compiled a fabulous list of design books.  I need to certainly add a few of these to my Christmas list. 


35 Best Design Books of 2012

The interior design and decorating titles that you should add to your shelves.

Lara Robby/Studio D

1. Barbara Barry: Around Beauty by Barbara Barry.Rizzoli; $65.

2. Interiors | Atelier AM by Alexandra and Michael Misczynski. Rizzoli; $55.

3. Kelly Wearstler: Rhapsody by Kelly Wearstler.Rizzoli; $55.

4. The Things That Matter by Nate Berkus. Spiegel & Grau; $35.

5. Timeless Interiors by Kathryn M. Ireland. Gibbs Smith; $40.

6. American Decoration: A Sense of Place by Thomas Jayne. Monacelli; $50.

7. A Visual Life: Scrapbooks, Collages, and Inspirations by Charlotte Moss. Rizzoli; $60.

8. A 21st-Century Palace, Vol. 1 by Geoffrey Bradfield. Smallwood & Stewart; $85.

9. Stuff: The M(Group) Interactive Guide to Collecting, Decorating with, and Learning about Wonderful and Unusual Things by Carey Maloney. Pointed Leaf Press; $65.

10. Nathan Turner's American Style: Classic Design & Effortless Entertaining by Nathan Turner. Abrams; $40.

11. A Living Space by Kit Kemp. Hardie Grant; $50.

12. Roman and Williams: Buildings and Interiors by Stephen Alesch and Robin Standefer. Rizzoli; $75.

13. The First Apartment Book: Cool Design for Small Spaces by Kyle Schuneman. Clarkson Potter; $25.

14. Coastal Modern: Sophisticated Homes Inspired by the Ocean by Tim Clarke. Clarkson Potter; $50.

15. The Age of Elegance: Interiors by Alex Papachristidis by Alex Papachristidis. Rizzoli; $55.

16. Alberto Pinto: World Interiors by Alberto Pinto. Flammarion; $75.

17. White Light: Heiberg Cummings Design by Bernt Heiberg and Bill Cummings. Monacelli; $65.

18. The Great American House: Tradition for the Way We Live Now by Gil Schafer. Rizzoli; $55.

19. Good Bones, Great Pieces: The Seven Essential Pieces that Will Carry You Through a Lifetime by Suzanne and Lauren McGrath. Stewart, Tabori & Chang; $30.

20. Tino Zervudachi: A Portfolio by Natasha Fraser-Cavassoni. Pointed Leaf Press; $75.

21. The Allure of French and Italian Décor by Betty Lou Phillips. Gibbs Smith; $50.

22. The Joy of Decorating: Southern Style with Mrs. Howard by Phoebe Howard. Stewart, Tabori & Chang; $50.

23. Coming Home: The Southern Vernacular House by James Lowell Strickland. Rizzoli; $45.

24. The Life of the House: How Rooms Evolve by Henrietta Spencer-Churchill. Rizzoli; $55.

25. The Collected Home: Rooms with Style, Grace, and History by Darryl Carter. Clarkson Potter; $45.

26. Dazzling Design by Amanda Nisbet. Stewart, Tabori & Chang; $50.

27. Outside the Box: An Interior Designer's Innovative Approach to Creating Chic and Comfortable Rooms by David Scott. Pointed Leaf Press; $65.

28. Barclay Butera: Living on the Coast by Barclay Butera. Gibbs Smith; $40.

29. Vintage Remix: The Interiors of Kishani Perera by Kishani Perera. Abrams; $35.

30. American Beauty: Renovating and Decorating a Beloved Retreat by Thom Filicia. Clarkson Potter; $45.

31. The Big Book of Chic by Miles Redd. Assouline; $75.

32. Steven Gambrel: Time & Place by Steven Gambrel. Abrams; $50.

33. Ann Getty: Interior Style by Diane Dorrans Saeks. Rizzoli; $55.

34. Cohler on Design by Eric Cohler. Monacelli; $50.

35. Jennifer Post: Pure Space — Elegant Minimalism by Anna Kasabian. Rizzoli; $50.


  • December 18, 2012

    I can not find the Miles Redd book anywhere and it is out of stock, boohoo!  I did just get Charlotte Moss' new one and like it.  I also bought an entertaining book that is my fave pick-up in years, Soiree by southerner/Georgian Danielle Rollins, and love love love it!  Let me know any of these you get and that I must have!  XOXO Cheri

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