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How to Build Your Brand with Instagram

Nothing gets clients and partners more interested in your business than a behind-the-scenes glimpse.

Instagram is my favorite social media platform. It is a pictorial view of my brand, my personal style and my life. It allows my fans, followers and friends to see a peek into my real life. I have also heard it referred to as the “highlight reel” of your life. Nothing can get people more interested in your brand like giving them a look at the best of the brand and behind the scenes. This media gives you a more easily interactive and personal view that helps the follower feel like they have easy access. It is also by far the easiest social media platform in terms of sharing to Facebook, Twitter,  Tumbler,  Foursquare, Email and Flickr.


Here are my tips for growing your business on Instagram:

1. Sign up using your brand logo as your profile picture. If possible it should also be the same name as your Twitter handle. This makes for much easier cross promotion across all platforms. Be sure to also check out Instagram’s blogInstagram for Business. It has many regular helpful tips and updates.


2. Grow a following using your Facebook business page, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. All of these outlets can help build your following but you need to show your fans your icon and ask them to join you.

Head over HERE to WSI Marketplace to see the full article will ALL the tips.

How do you use Instagram in your business?

Holly Hollingsworth Phillips is an interior designer and owner of The English Room and the creator of popular The English Room lifestyle and design blog. Her work has appeared in Southern Living and many other publications. She lives in Charlotte, North Carolina with her husband, three children, two dogs, hedgehog and bearded dragon. Follow her on Twitter,  Facebook,  Pinterest,  KEEP orInstagram.



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