I can see clearly now…

One of the many joys of aging is eyesight. My eyes are going on me. It is driving me crazy because my clarity of eyesight is quite important in design and everyday life. I have held out for years wearing my glasses rarely but, the time has come…I need new glasses.

I am drawn to the nerdy chic look and here are my favorites. 

How darling are these red specs from the cover of J. Crew?

After some super sleuth work I discovered they are in fact Super Sunglasses brand Ciccio in Red.  You can order them here. I ordered and we shall see if I end up looking like Sally Jesse Rapheal… I prefer to order my frames online if they are not available locally. I try them (with the ability to return) and have the prescription filled at my optical shop. 

Dolce and Gabbana leopard is fab…

Tom Ford I fell in love with these on someone speaking at Design Bloggers Conference 2012 and emailed her for the info….She now likely thinks I am Single White Female

Good design is important regardless of fashion or interiors…

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  • December 4, 2012

    Alicw Doyle

    You have got to check out the specs at this website! All about nerdy chic and cosmetic maven Bobbi Brown wears the "Alabama" as her signature. I am looking for my next cool pair as well.

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