Insomnia Shopping Mania

Last night I couldn’t sleep. I stayed up until 3am internet shopping.

 Ridiculous but, very entertaining.  All those nights in the club last week on Senior Spring Break has my step schedule way off. 

We are always on the hunt for white dresses. This year Violet needs one for Graduation. Here are a few of my favorites THIS, THIS, THIS, THIS and THIS.

These are the cutest. Love THESE, THESE and THESE too. I ordered these after coveting for weeks. 

I am on the hunt for outdoor furniture.  So much goodness with THIS, THIS and THESE around the dining table. 

Skirt love! 

Apologies for the obnoxious amount finds but I was up all night! 

Clothing Finds:

Jewelry Finds:

Shoe Wants:

Bag Wants:

Workout Wear:

Home Finds:

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