JAM and a L.A. trip peek…

me with JAM

I am fresh (not so) off the red eye. Dear Lord, that should be outlawed.  It is pure misery. NEVER AGAIN, I say!

L.A. was tremendously fabulous as expected. I will share my trip in dribbles and drabs over the next few days. One of the HIGHLIGHTS was meeting Jeffrey Alan Marks and his partner Ross Cassidy at a H. D. Buttercup party.  They are well known for their (and my favorite) show on Bravo's Million Dollar Decorators. These handsome gents (both models) could not have been more kind gracious and warm.  It was are real treat to spend a little time with them talking dogs and decorating, my 2 favorite subjects.

JAM decorated one of my very favorite restaurants Tavern in Brentwood seen here via…and many more commercial and residential spaces. 

me with Ross (he looks 14 next to me)


Their kitchen is one of my all time favorites. The chic limed oak cabinets with the wall of silver fish floating by.  That hand painted De Gournay paper will be mine someday. 

Here is another view of their casual California chic breakfast room kitchen from Elle Decor with one of their sweet English labs, Chessie.  Anyone who loves their dogs like these guys do are good peeps in my book. 

More L. A. reports to come after the sleep kicks in tonight.



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