Jewelry LOVE: Jenny Thompson of Theodosia Jewelry

I am excited to introduce you to a new favorite jewelry line of mine.  

I cannot get enough of Jenny’s opals and that big tusk wrapped in diamonds…oh my!

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Theodosia Jewelry

Jenny Thompson 

Charleston, South Carolina


What is your training?


 I received a BA from Rhodes College in Art History, but jewelry design/making has been part of my life since childhood. My mom’s background is in both jewelry and graphic design so I learned everything about jewelry from her. 



What inspires you and your designs?


I am most inspired by the beauty of the natural stone and I LOVE interesting color combinations. My family and I travel frequently and I am always inspired by the native style of each area. 



What is your favorite piece? 


Currently, I am having a major opal obsession. So anything and everything opal is my craze! Typically when you think about an opal from your grandmothers jewelry box, it may not have been your first pick, but now with the updated designs it is always my clients and I’s first pick!  

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How has the your area influenced your work?


Charleston may be considered a small town, but the arts and fashion are held in very high regard here! Most of the women are fashion forward and are trust me with my design choices, even if it may be pushing the envelope for them. 


What is your favorite restaurant in Charleston?


The Ordinary is my favorite restaurant in Charleston, because I enjoy the light fare and the raw seafood selection. Even the things that are not my first choice on the menu are always delicious!!  



What is your favorite cocktail?


My favorite cocktail is a French 75. There is nothing wrong with St. Germaine and champagne!  



How do you balance personal life and work?


Well….that is the real question. I have three small children so it is constantly a balancing act. It takes a village of blondes between my jewelry employees and child care help!  



Dream trip?


My dream trip would definitely be India!!! I have always wanted to go there because so many of the families that I work with have factories there…..I think it would be an enlightening trip.  


Dream commission?


Commissions to me are always fun. I am very good at anticipating what the client would want and I enjoy creating a custom piece, but clearly it is way more fun when price is not a concern! 



Your favorite host / hostess gift to give?


My favorite hostess gift is Molten Brown hand soaps. You can never have enough of them and each scent smells amazing!  



 Who is your style icon?

I love fashion I don’t have one person that I think of as my style icon. I’m super eclectic and my style is really all over the board.  One day I’m girlie, the next I’m tough and edgy! I love fashion as an outward expression of a personal mood, and those change from day to day. 

What is your most treasured possession?


My most treasured possession are my three crazy children. They are each so different and sometimes it is so hard, but at the end of the day they are what matters most.  

What are you reading?


I am re-reading my favorite book “Don’t Stop The Carnival”-Herman Wouk. I love this book because we have a home on Elbow Cay in the Abacos and the main character in this book shares the same struggles that we do by owning a home in a foreign country. ranging from the nuaciances of the local people to the common mishaps that are bound to happen with island living. 



What are you listening to?


I am always listening to Rihanna. You can’t be in a bad mood and listen to her music.  


What are your favorite blogs / publications?


I always am checking out Happily Grey


and Glitter Guide


. But I also always stalk Furbish Studio,


Lulu and Georgia,


and The Paris Markets social media! I can’t get enough of their pictures and new treasures that they have in their stores!   


Here are a few beauties…

































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