Johnson Hartig for Libertine Creates Magic at F. Schumacher

I have long been a lover of fashion house Libertine.  

The design creative, Johnson Hartig, at the helm of this brand has a vision that is colorful and unique.

I knew when I heard he had decided to collaborate on a collection with F. Schumacher it would be pure genius.  

I was not wrong… PURE GENIUS!

Take a look at the lively collection

MAGICAL MING DRAGON – Hand printed, stylized dragons are the centerpiece of this Tibetan-inflected wallcovering that’s been rendered in a head-turning scale, complete with atmospheric clouds. Also available as a fabric.


TIM TIM TAPE– Oxidized metal studs reprise a motif inspired by an antique textile for a best-of-both-worlds accessory that chicly toes the line between downtown punk and uptown glamour.

PUNK ROCK MIX TAPE – Sid Vicious meets Sister Parish in eclectic, electric passementerie that uses a punk rock trope—the safety pin—as an unexpectedly elegant flourish on an accessory loaded with tongue-in-cheek panache.

ROBERT BURNS – Lines from one of the Romantic poet’s famous sonnets parade across heavy canvas in a Warhol-esque rainbow of font to create a yin-yang pattern that bubbles with personality.

MODERN TOILE – This layered, mystically-inflected toile based on Renaissance drawings feels of-the-moment, thanks to a head-turning scale and a room-enveloping repeat. Also available as a wallcovering.

TING TING – Inspired by a Ming-era ginger jar, Ting Ting captures the perennial appeal of Chinese porcelain with pattern-on-pattern effervescence rendered in a multi-purpose chintz.

PLATES & PLATTERS – A trompe l’oeil pattern of transferware serving dishes mounted on a marbleized backdrop creates the ultimate layered illusion and instant drama, no hammers or nails required.

TERENCE IKAT – This warp-weave ikat bears all the charms of a trad version with a boost of a notice-me scale and built-in borders—an unapologetically happy fabric that happens to be endlessly versatile.

BODHI TREE – Based on an antique Uzbek document, this ikat is a classic version of the genre printed on a sateen weave for an elegant, dressy effect with rich colors that make it function fabulously as a coordinate.

JOKHANG TIGER VELVET – Hartig takes the Tibetan tiger motif and recasts it as a multi-dimensional stripe on a lush velvet that slips easily into a range of schemes—elegant to eclectic and everything in between.

DAZZLE SHIP VELVET – An all-over three-color geometric reminiscent of Op Art patterns is rendered in cushy cut velvet to create a supremely sophisticated upholstery fabric that will play well with others.

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