KEEP Neon in your Summer Style

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Nothing says chic on a hot summer day like a dash of neon.  I have compiled some of the very chicest summer finds to add that bright touch to your life. All of these finds can be sources on my KEEP board.  

Does neon feel scary?  Here are a few tips…

Start small.  Accesories or nailpolish are a great way to bring nbeon into your life. 

Pair neon with black or dark denim for CONTRAST.  These dark colors as a base really let your neon POP. Try a neon top with dark jeans or a neon scarf with a LBD (#littleblackdress).

Do NOT wear neon head to toe. As tempting as this may be for those of us (me) who love this trend you may risk blinding those around you and haveing a big fashion faux pas moment. 

A neon bag can be your summer staple.  This can take you from day to night while adding a cool vibe to a more conservative work look. 

Neon sandals will accentuate your tan. Who does love some tan feet?

Colorblock your neon by pairing a solid color with a neon such an neon pink with red jeans. Two trends in one.

Neon and Nudes, this trend always looks terrific when paired with camel or cream.  The soft colors truly let your neon shine. 

Do not be afraid to mix your neon colors. What could be cuter thn your neon yellow sunnies with your neon pink bag or sandals. 

Have fun and go a little glam 


Go ahead go bold this summer with some NEON LOVE

Are you KEEPing up?

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Go ahead, brighten up!

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