Kitchen & Bath Trends from KBIS: Part 2

I returned from an inspiring few days at KBIS (Kitchen & Bath Industry Show) almost a month ago.  Where does the time go?

Here is a start to the trends that we saw in PART 1


Go Plush with Mohawk’s introduction of SmartStrand® Silk Reserve carpet

Go Custom with Metrie Then & Now Finishing Collections

Go Frameless with Wellborn Cabinets

The amazing technology and trends that can simplify and beautify our modern lives are truly fascinating and clearly covetable. 

Kicking off PART 2 with Lixil representing (DXV, American Standard, Grohe)

Go Colorful with Grohe

Grohe stole the show with their Essence Semi Pro faucets with limited edition colored hoses. We were challenged with naming the colors. I was the lucky winner of the “Clementine” faucet! 


Go Luxury with DXV and custom designed spaces inspired by leading interior designers.








Go Magical with this DXV 3-D Printed Vibrato faucet


Go Natural with Wilsonart


From gently weathered to intricately crafted, the 23 new additions to the Wilsonart® Virtual Design Library, the Artfully Repurposed Woods Collection, tell a story of America’s spirited history while honoring sustainability. Wilsonart, a leading manufacturer of decorative engineered surfaces for 60 years, traveled from coast to coast gathering inspiration for the collection. From the pine fields in Pennsylvania to whiskey barrels in Kentucky and the discovery of the modern marquetry movement in California, each design in the collection reflects today’s trends, while offering sustainable solutions.

Marquetry, the art of applying decorative inlays to a structure to create elaborate designs, emphasizes the importance of reusing and recycling materials. The clean, geometric lines of these designs contrast with the warm, weathered woodgrains for a collection that adds a touch of modern comfort.

“Because of the history of the craft, marquetry designs can easily fit in a traditional space full of antiques or in a more contemporary setting,” said Andrea Flint, Wilsonart Designer. “Modern marquetry and beautifully aged woodgrains add something unexpected to a space, and there is a real demand for that in the market.”


The above image also shows you can now use laminate in wet spaces! That is a game changer. 

So now that you know these trends are you ready for a renovation too? 

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