Krazy for Khotan


I have been on a search for an entrance hall rug for a client.  She prefers a more traditional palette.  I decided the rug for her was a Khotan

Khotan is a city in Eastern Terkistan which is now part of China. Khotan region produced high quality rugs during the 18’th and 19’th century. Khotan rugs are very rare and well known around the World for their simple designs and muted colors. The dye and colors used in Khotan rugs are not found in any other rugs.

The surprise source was too good not to share.  Etsy is always a great spot to search but, I found an extraordinary source for Khotans.  Oak Park Antiques out of Chicago has a load of these beauties.

Here are a few choice rugs.








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