Legends 2015 Window Favorites and Winners

I am coming back down off my travel high.  LCDQLA Legends was incredible.

2015 Legends Ambiance-0015-L

 Each year the events get better and better.  I was amazed by the turn out of every single design star and legend.  With each turn I was star struck.  It is such an incredible networking opportunity to be with such greats and get to know them over the dozens of events each day.  I am honored I could participate as an ambassador.  

The lectures were incredible.  I cannot pick a favorite but I must say dear Hutton Wilkinson never disappoints.  


Nathan Turner and Nicky Haslam were real, honest and hilarious as introduced and grilled by the lovely Leslie Rascoe of Milieu Magazine.


Honestly, there were just too many highlights to mention. 

The windows are one of the big draws of the event with over 65 windows being designed.  First I will share my favorites and then the winners in each category. 

My few clever ones to share in no particular order are:

Julia Buckingham – The Rug Company – Slim Aarons


Sam Allen – Hollyhock – Bali


Betsy Burnham – Mecox – Animals


 Cami Wright – Sherle Wagner – Austin, Texas


Kristen Buckingham – KB Design – Lauren Santo Domingo


Young Huh – Harbinger – Odalisque en Repose


and certainly the window by Geoffrey de Sousa earns some love with a real merman making daily appearances…


Geoffrey de Sousa – Tufenkian – The Sea


There are truly too many great windows to share but, the official winners are:


In the Bloggers’ Choice category, Sam Allen’s window at Hollyhock was the winner. His muse, Bali, came to life with bright splashes of orange and blue, varied patterns, and Christopher Spitzmiller accents. Remarks Allen, “When I think of Bali, I mostly think of the color blue and all the incredible shades that the sky and water reflects. Like most islands, Bali’s colors are rich and intense, and the patterns are bold and graphic. It somehow feels a little bigger and brighter than life…”


Designer Jeff Andrews’ window for Fuller + Roberts Co. won the People’s Choice award for favorite window design. His muse is Proportion, and his window featured a symmetrical design of tape measures and hanging chairs with the caption, “The tape measure doesn’t lie.” In Andrews’ own words, “Proportion is the heart of beauty. It relates one entity to another while holding so much possibility for interest, harmony, originality, and perfection.”


The Editors’ Choice award went to Ken Fulk for his window at Therien. His 3D window design was inspired by his muse, The Movie Inside My Mind. “If you could peer into the brain of an artist, it would be a maelstrom of ideas, images, colors, and quotes, ” says Fulk. “I have been inspired by movies my entire life – I seem to have an imaginary reel going on in my head and whenever I start a new project, I can see the ‘movie’ of it in my head before anything else comes together. This swirling tornado represents that creative process; it features clips from some of my favorite directors along with equally dramatic vintage objects.”

Mark your calendar for Legends next year.  It is the design event of the year.  

More to come on the parties later this week. If you cannot wait see all the official images HERE and much more! 

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