Link Lovin’

So much to read…

So much to see…

So many places to go… 

Here are the articles on the web that have caught my attention. 

Angry Orchard Just Released a New Rosé Cider

Have you seen the SMEG x Dolce & Gabbana Collaboration? 

I have to redo a funny back hallway in a project that is old sheet vinyl.  I found THIS fabulous replacement. 

Where to shop, stay and drink in Jaipur

I Found My Inner Queen at an Irish Castle (and I Might Never Stay in a Regular Hotel Again)

Meet The Sackler Women: OxyContin Heiresses Made Rich By The Opioid Crisis

The Best All-inclusive Vacation Packages

I Tried CBD To Manage My Anxiety—Here’s What Happened

‘Produce, Produce, Produce!’ Style Star Emily Henderson Is Basically Our Life Coach Now

The Hottest Places to Eat in NYC Right Now

Everything You Should Do on Your Next Trip to Italy: Travelogue Podcast

Obsessed with this company, New Vintage, they create amazing bags out of vintage luxury bags or you can send your own…I have 2 ready to ship to them. 

6 Places You Absolutely Have to Stop on a Florence-to-Rome Road Trip

Martha Hall Foose’s Bacon Crackers

Norman Norell and the Invention of American Elegance

JJ Martin: an American in Milan

The 9 Best Fashion Tips We’ve Ever Heard

Want to Watch: Warren Buffet Documentary

Bingeing: The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel

Coveting: THIS, THIS & THESE.

Loving this kitchen in Hillary Duff’s LA home. 

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