Link Lovin’

So much to read…

So much to see…

So many places to go… 

Here are the articles on the web that have caught my attention. 

Do you order from Last Bottle?  I has the BEST wine deals. I currently have an old school Zin and some Rose headed my way. 

Just ordered this gadget to make the cutest Easter Eggs….Spring Break make your own fun week! 

Weirdly obsessed with white shoes these days. Had to have THESE.

This Man Planned the Most Efficient U.S. Road Trip of All Time

#bucketlist…THE MODA GUIDE TO Hong Kong Art Basel

Barcelona Travel Guide: A Perfect Weekend in Spain

Three Top Designers on How They Grew Their Firms

The South’s Best Hotels 2018

Gray Malin’s Stunning Kitchen Reveal Is What Dreams Are Made Of

LOVE these chromatic sculptures. 


Dying to go to India…A Guide to Pondicherry

The Journey to Machu Picchu Just Got Seriously Luxurious

The Definitive Guide to Surviving Allergy Season

13 Drugstore Products That Are as Good as Luxury, According to Beauty Editors

I have officially turned into my mother! I have not stopped wearing the same slippers she wears since I moved. They are so comfy and the slight wedge helps my decrepit feet. 

Happy Week Ahead!

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