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Here are the articles, recipes and places that caught my interest the past week.

This was such a treat to read this and sweet Violet, my husbands Grandmother for whom my daughter is named…Granny Chic: The Ultimate Inspiration For These 6 Designers

Step inside 15 of Bunny Williams’s Storied, Sumptuous Houses

Our Favorite Places to Weekend Like a Local


The Only Guide You’ll Need to Travel With a Group to Mexico City

A Tale of The Turnip Toffs–Royal or Not

Barbara Kafka’s Creamy Lemon Pasta

Spicy Pimiento Cheese Sausage Balls 

The Ultimate Guide to Portugal’s Algarve.

The Secret Cosmetic Procedure Almost Every Beauty Editor Gets (and Why)

A Bedding Expert Explains How Often You Should Really Be Washing Your Sheets

Critics Have Spoken—These Are the Best Shows and Movies to Stream This Month

Help! My Partner Snores and It’s Ruining Our Relationship

Do These Workouts If You Hate (Or Don’t Have Time) To Sweat

The Art Of Life: Lessons Learned From Being A Year Older

Why You Should Never Take Your Shoes Off On an Airplane

Here are 8 farmers markets around Charlotte. Find out which ones to visit and why.

32 Best Restaurants in New York City

2019 Dorm Decor Trends & Picks from

I Tried the Pomodoro Technique, and I’ve Never Been More Productive in My Life

A Local’s Guide to Five Southern Cities

Temples, Tipping, and Train Rides: A Guide to Japan for First-Timers

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