Link Lovin’

This weekend was the very laziest in a while and I LOVED it!.  

I walked the dogs, watched movies (Gone Girl freaked me out!!!!), had great dinner with friends, and lazed about.

I could wander the web endlessly.  

Here are a few things that caught my eye. 

This Kitchen rocks!


How do we get throughout the zillions of daily emails? Email Tips and Tricks

Monogrammed doorknob…yes please!


Add this to my (LONG) bucket list…10 AMAZING ICE CASTLES AROUND THE WORLD


Have you ever seen such cuteness in all your days? Karen Walker Eyewear campaign #toastmeetskaren


So lovin’ this punk meets pretty leather jacket.


52 Places to Go in 2015.  Love this list!


I am a huge fan of a spicy drink so the Cajun Margarita is on my to drink list.


Sam Allen’s Pad in House Beautiful is pure perfection.


J’adore these sparkly earrings…NEED!


I am not a breakfast eater but an going to change my ways with Guacamole Toast with Egg. YUM!


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