Link Lovin’


I am obsessed with this customizable jewelry.  I want an arm full to remind me of my favorite spots.

Wanderlust is setting in for an adventure…This quote really is so true.

How chic is Emily J. McCarthy‘s “Branding your Home” concept on The Southern C?

S’mores are my FAVORITE and this is so wrong it is right! GRILLED POUND CAKE S’MORES SANDWICHES

Do not miss out on my GIVEAWAY with BLY DESIGN!

I need to add these precious creatures to my current menagerie of pets ASAP!

Loving this whole “Street Chic” look.

Fizzy Peach Jalapeno Margaritas are me, holding onto summer kicking and screaming.

I have a BAD hankering to dye my hair red, like THIS. 40+ years with the same hair is boring, right?

Nick Olsen knows color and I LOVE it.

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